Cheshire Woman Award nomination for 2024 is now closed

Before filling out the form, please read through the descriptions of the three categories provided below.

Personal Courage

Do you wish to nominate someone who has displayed outstanding bravery? She may be someone who has stepped out of her own comfort zone to support others. It may be someone who has put the needs of others first whilst putting themselves at risk. It could be someone who has demonstrated positive action against intolerance to build bridges and conflict resolution.

Contribution to Community

This person will have demonstrated how they have impacted a community or group of people. Her aim will be to change the lives of others in a positive way. These heroines may have made a physical and tangible change to the community or united people to help tackle issues for the wider population. They may provide charitable services that consider the impact on those around them, bringing people together and helping build strong relationships within these communities. They may be a volunteer who has shown outstanding service, which supports those around her or someone who creates community-led projects to create happier lives.

Outstanding Professional Achievement

You may know someone who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, service or professionalism through their work and actions in support of others. They may have developed an idea that, through determination, has come to fruition. They may be an individual who has made a key contribution in the face of adversity. They may be someone who has gone beyond the ‘norm’ by sharing best practices or someone who has an innovative and professional approach in developing themselves in order to help others.

Nomination Form

The next Cheshire Woman Award luncheon will be held in 2024. If you do nominate a wonderful woman, please do not tell them that you are nominating her as it’s a nice surprise!

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