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Cheshire Woman Award 2022

We are delighted to share our memories captured at this year’s event. We celebrated women from all walks of life at Chester Racecourse.

Congratulations to Pauline Finlay, our winner 2022

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Thanks to our generous sponsors, individual supporters and lots of hard work by the committee, we were able to make a donation last year to the NSPCC for their crucial work in Cheshire and Wirral.

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– Sylvia Cheater MBE

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Pauline Finlay is a specialist Nurse Prescriber working in a small practice looking after about 400 homeless patients in Chester. Although affluent, Chester has a relatively large homeless population and many of them find it hard to interact with other parts of the healthcare system. Pauline works above and beyond her role to facilitate the care for her patients, including accompanying vulnerable people to hospital and other services which otherwise they probably wouldn’t attend.

She has sympathy and empathy for her homeless patients, many of whom have substance misuse and mental health problems. She visits local hospitals to see patients and to make sure their often challenging needs are being considered whilst in hospital and when they are being discharged. She will support patients through the criminal justice system – which is often very stressful for herself.

Alongside this work, she also does all the traditional chronic disease management that you would expect of a nurse practitioner. Like many NHS staff, she is devoted to her job and takes every opportunity to provide care and attention way beyond the delivery of clinical service. In recent years, as the pandemic has caused further pressures for everyone, for homeless people already marginalised, their individual circumstances have worsened. Pauline’s response was to work harder to try and support individuals by contacting agencies to help with all aspects from food to counselling. She has been a particular force in recognising the gaps in provision for homeless women and has brought agencies together to focus on improving female specific support and access.

In short, whether it’s the care of an individual or the wider issues, she makes a difference to the community she serves. And in recognition she was awarded the Queens Nursing award 2021 for outstanding service and we are delighted to make her our Cheshire Woman of the Year 2022.

Victoria Charlton

“It was absolutely amazing to be nominated for the Cheshire Woman Award. It was such a difficult time when we suddenly lost the dance school venue, but we just picked up the phone and started ringing round and within days we had venues sorted for all of the classes. It taught me that no matter what happens, you just have to take a deep breath and keep going.”

Suzanne Rippon

“I am so honoured to be here, but it’s not about me, we are all in it together. The Life Tree Cafe became a focal point during lockdown – a community safe haven, but I am here today to represent EVERYONE that’s been part of it.”

Julie Duff

“I am completely overwhelmed to have been nominated. It was totally unexpected, and I just feel so honoured that someone has taken the time to put me forward. It’s absolutely fantastic to be here today.”

Cheshire Woman of the Year

The Cheshire Woman of the Year Award is the perfect opportunity to provide truly worthy women with the recognition they deserve – recognition they might never otherwise receive. It is an annual event that has been held for a number of years and supports the NSPCC’s work in Cheshire and Wirral.

2022 Sponsors

We are most grateful to the individuals and businesses from all parts of Cheshire who have helped us. Without them this very special event would not happen and we would not be able to raise funds for the NSPCC. Sponsorship of the event has raised almost £300,000 to help some of the most vulnerable children in Cheshire and Wirral.

Get your thinking caps on and let’s acknowledge those unsung heroes in your friends, families, communities or at work.